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Natural Cancer Treatment – My Mom’s Treatment

Have you ever questioned if natural cancer treatments are really reliable? Around 20 years earlier, my mommy was diagnosed with lung cancer cells. This was entirely insane for me at the time since mama was an extremely healthy, active instructor, gym instructor and also was always considered being rather young. She was additionally a really hefty cigarette smoker, so I seemed like my mom had actually done glitch to obtain this disease. After learning of her medical diagnosis, I began researching cancer cells and their capability to multiply. I soon found out that cancer cells, when relaxing, are much more prone to assault from killer cells known as microtubules, also known as T-cells, that stay on the outside of the cell. These awesome cells are helped by oxygen. I was surprised to learn that of the most effective natural cancer therapy approaches is called polymeric oxygen radicals (POM), which create the T-cells to move toward cancerous cells. Based on my research studies of POM as well as the capability of oxygen to turn on these killer cells, I established an ingenious natural cancer cells treatment to use with my mommy. I call this “MOX”. My mom took this very special “MOX” daily at night before bedtime. Within 4 weeks, she really felt a lot better and also points began to improve, despite the fact that she had actually not had this kind of treatment for several years. The results of the research study were amazing: within just a few weeks, her lump was nearly entirely gone. She did have one more serious relapse, yet this time the lump entered into remission. She is currently cancer-free. While this specific natural cancer therapy might not heal her of her tumor completely, it definitely minimized the dimension of her lump while keeping her spirits up. Given that my mother is currently cancer-free, she is able to concentrate on the favorable elements of her life once more. All lumps respond in a different way. Some react well to standard therapies, some do not. For the women with ovarian cancer cells, however, it is important to understand that these conventional treatment protocols will not function. Traditional cancer treatment just influences the signs and symptoms of the condition, such as fatigue, shortness of breath, and also clinical depression. They do not deal with the core causes of cancer cells, which are genetic vulnerabilities and also high degrees of hormone estrogen. My mommy’s case was especially pertinent because it revealed a web link in between her cancer and her diet plan. It is popular that cancer cells expand ideal in an “oxygenated” atmosphere. My mother was getting plenty of oxygen during her cancer cells therapy. The trouble was that her oxygen supply was coming from the high levels of radiation treatment she was getting. Equally as the cancer cells expanded, so did her anxiety! It was no wonder that she had such a challenging time managing her cancer. Luckily, she likewise got to appreciate numerous months of “oxygen deprivation” prior to her treatment finished.

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