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Things You Need to Know About the Impact of Recent Law Changes

The immigrants who stay in the United States make up about 14% of the entire country’s population. Factoring the recent law changes, this figure is projected to decline with time. Even though the changes of the immigration laws focuses on enhancing the reliability of the immigration processes, it will make the process of immigration to be very difficult. This article has outlined the things you need to know about the impact of recent law changes.

The first impact of the recent law changes is that it will instigate deportation of several immigrants. Most of the immigrants who are most likely to be hit are those who didn’t qualify for the green cards. If the immigrants lose the case, they will be immediately deported as their stay will be considered to be illegal hence the need to have immigration attorneys to present them and help them appeal.

The changes in the immigration laws will push for monitoring of the scholars very closely. As it implies is that deportation will be the formula to be used for those students whose study visa will have expires and fail to travel to their mother countries willingly. In the past times, several of those scholars who sought knowledge in the US institutions could extend their stay as it was allowed. Such overstay allowances for the international students have been scratched off by the new laws.

There will be more precision in screening the immigrants than the one which has been applied initially. So as to cut down the chances of errors in screening, tough new standards will be used to vet and screen the immigrants. The security risk which arise from the foreigners is the main thing of focus which these moves will aim at addressing. Before the interview, the immigrants will have to be well prepares as stricter means will be used by the USCIS adjudicators. So as to boost the probabilities of such applications to go through, the immigrants will need to have the immigration lawyers present them during such interviews.

In reviewing the extension of a visa, more thorough measures will be used in their evaluation. The fact that the immigrants qualified for the visa for the first time will not be a guaranteed of having a success in the visa extension application. Extensive review of the visa will be carried out and the immigrants will have to provide proof for eligibility of the visa. The immigration customs and enforcement will step up their efforts in inspecting the various workplaces. All the staff will have to be eligible USA citizens as otherwise will face the law. The companies which will have employed such will also be subject for various consequences.