Signs it’s Time for a Garage Door Springs Tune-Up

Garage doors are heavy. They’re usually held in place by springs, which are under a lot of tension. If one or both springs breaks, it will cause the door to become inoperable so it’s important for homeowners to recognize the early warning signs of trouble ahead. Read on to find out about a few signs it’s time for a garage door springs tune-up to avoid excessive tension and help maintain the longevity of the door’s springs.

Difficulty Opening the Door

If getting the door open or closing, it is a huge struggle every time, it’s likely because of extra tension on the door’s hardware. Whether the door features torsion springs or an extension spring system, extra pressure will eventually cause the springs to fail. Take action as soon as the door becomes difficult to move.

Crooked Doors

A crookedly hanging door is often a sign that one spring is already becoming worn. Crooked doors are also more difficult to open. A garage door repair technician can evaluate the extent of the spring system’s wear and decide whether it’s better to repair it or replace it.

Visible Stretching

Over years of use, tightly wound springs lose their tension and need to be replaced. Look at the springs periodically. If they look like they’ve become stretched out, the door is no longer safe to use and the spring system will need repairs before it can be put back into operation.

The Spring Test

There’s one sure-fire way to tell if the springs are broken, even with an automatic garage door. Disconnect the garage door opener and manually pull the door half-way up. If it stays in place, the springs probably have some life left in them but if it falls, they most likely need to be replaced.

Years of Use

Most garage door springs last about 10,000 cycles, each of which is composed of one opening and one closing of the door. For households with average use, this means the springs will last around 10 years. If the springs are more than a decade old, they may already be worn out to where a technician will need to replace the system.