A Beginners Guide To

Some Pointers on How to Get Ready for the Bay to Breakers Event

Bay to Breakers is that fun-filled activity that the locals in San Francisco get to enjoy during the month of May.

It was after the earthquake and fire in SF in 1906 that the very first Bay to Breakers was organized in 1912 in order to boost the morale of the locals.

This event is a 12k race that the whole nation considered as a not to be missed event. This event is a costumed celebration that is often called the Mardi Gras of the West Coast, with almost the entire city folks in SF would come in costumes to celebrate.

On the other hand, so that you prevent dangerous results physically, it is advisable that you are careful and do not underestimate the race. Therefore, it is good to learn some guidelines in order to avoid getting into some incidents and will get you into the fun of the race.

Training before the race is a good way to start by running around seven miles or 12 km distance, because with a heavy costume on, you might face a few health risks.

For those who have no previous training or have not raced for the past years, it is good to follow some activities ahead of the activity.

As a beginning, you are advised to work your way up by starting with attainable goal but challenging, and not get into the 12km distance immediately. For example, you can run a mile in the first few days and about 30-minute running sessions like three times a week and soon a longer run over the weekend. You are to expect some obstacles like shin splints and shortness of breath, which are uncomfortable but will train you through.

Wearing the right gear would make your running easier, just like in any job where using the right tools would ease your performance. For example, running in the right shoes is of utmost importance, because a wrong shoes being worn would cause one to overexert yourself that might even cause you some injuries.

Another conditioning tip for your body is cross training like three days a week which is a good start, and also on your off days to continuously push your body. To work your muscles, you can use resistance bands to condition your body without pushing hard.

Remember that diet matters, which means what you eat before the race day could create a big impact in your performance. Maintaining a healthy diet during your training is therefore advisable, and it is suggested that you get your body have plenty of energy by carbo-loading the day before the race.